Brock's - 20th Century Military Collectibles & Firearms

Specializing in Twentieth Century military collectibles, American and foreign, including firearms (even Class III registered machineguns), medals, badges, helmets, hats, bayonets, swords, field equipment, uniforms and more, focused primarily on WW1 and WW2 with over 50 years in the business. Showroom open by appointment. (contact page) How to Use This Site

Updated every Wednesday at 10:00AM EST (New Items). Items marked SOLD as sold and removed every Wednesday.

Located 55 miles East of Atlanta and 15 miles Southwest of Athens. Map and directions on our contact page.

Check out our new feature, the Archives. All the items we have ever sold on our site in the past, available to you for reference. Great pictures and information!


5742-A Bostwick Highway • Bishop, GA 30621 (USA) • (706) 342-7993 •