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Finding an Item

To find an item, click on the Menu List on the left side of this screen. Click on the section you want to see; if there are sub-menus they will appear in the left margin and you can click on the one you want. All items in the Firearms, Edged Weapon and Headgear section are in alphabetical order by user country.

When you reach the subgroup where the item is listed, a list of the items with thumbnail size photos will appear. To view the full description and additional large photos, click on the item.

Viewing Photos

When you click on the listed item, a new screen will open with the full written description and a series of thumbnail size photos of different views of the item.

To view the photos, click on the thumbnail photo. A larger version will appear on the left side of the screen. Move the mouse cursor to it and click on it and a very large image of that photo will appear to the right. You may not be able to view it all on your screen. If you move your cursor to the image, you can move the image around so that you can view all parts of it.

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